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Hello, internet!

And all of you who have somehow found your way to this little corner of my virtual universe.

It's about ten years since I posted anything on a blog (are blogs even still a thing? probably not). Over the past decade, I've collected a MASSIVE amount of photos of my daily life, my personal projects, and my trips that have never seen the light of day because, truthfully, I either didn't want to share them on my Instagram or I just thought nobody would even care to see them, BUT it's 2022, and if the pandemic taught us anything is that TODAY is the day to do whatever it is you want to do, not tomorrow, not in a month, and definitely not in a decade.

So I decided to carve out this corner on my website where I'll share more than just my work. This journal, made up of photos and not so many words, will be a window to my life open for anyone who cares to peek in.

So welcome, stranger, friend, stalker (?).


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